#13 Net Zero Guilt Free Concrete?

September 8, 2022

The cement industry produces 8% of all human CO2 emissions, that's almost 3 billion tonnes per year. Seratech can reduce this to zero. Listen to this episode to find out how.

Martin and Oliver speak to Dr Mike Cook, Barney Shanks and Sam Draper from Seratech on all things concrete and their passion and love for creating a truly net zero concrete is inspiring. 

Seratech's aim is to ensure we can continue to build new homes, cities and resilient infrastructure so people can flourish but without impacting our environment. They have developed a unique process that delivers efficient, low-cost carbon capture and provides a product that is essential to support future low-carbon construction. This has the potential to reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere and to support construction to go green. 

Visit Seratech at London Design Festival later this month, you can register here

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